An engaging curriculum that prepares our students for the future 

Learning at Corpus Christi is based on enquiry learning, guided by our curriculum based on NSW Education Standards Authority syllabuses. There are seven Key Learning Areas which are addressed in the Catholic primary school syllabus:

Religious Education



Science and Technology

Human Society and Its Environment

Personal Development Health and Physical Education

Creative Arts

Students can choose to participate in a range of enriching co-curricular activities that offer your child a balanced learning experience.

Enrichment, extension and differentiation for all students 

We cater for the diverse learning needs of all our students. Enrichment programs are offered to all students at Corpus Christi within each class as part of our ASPIRE program. Extension opportunities offer extra challenge for those with higher abilities. 

Our Learning Support team provides assistance and tailored learning programs to students with learning needs. 

When you apply to enrol, please talk to us about what extra support your child needs so we can ensure their needs can be met here.