Creative Arts

Creative Arts at Corpus Christi includes Music, Dance, Drama and Visual Arts. 


Our music program concentrates on the following areas: Beat, Pitch, Tempo, Dynamics, Tone Colour, Texture, Form and Style. Students use both tuned and untuned percussion instruments on a regular basis in Music. 

All students have the opportunity to be part of our biennial school musical.

Students from Year 3 to 6 have the opportunity to become members of the school band and students from K – 6 can join the school choir. Extra curricular music programs are also available for students to experience during school hours. 

Drama and Dance

Drama lessons are provided weekly by a specialist teacher and students also enjoy participating in Dance lessons facilitated by Dance Fever every second year in preparation for the school Musical.

Visual Arts

In Visual Arts, students develop knowledge and understanding, skills, values and attitudes in making and appreciating art by engaging with the concepts of artists, artworks, the audience and the world. Learning experiences are integrated into a planned and sequential teaching and learning process.