Gifted and Talented

Extensions are provided within the classroom through specifically designed rich learning tasks.

Future Problem Solving
Future Problem Solving is an international educational program for students from P-12 that focuses on the development of creative thinking skills.

The aim of Future Problem Solving is essentially to develop critical, creative and futuristic thinking skills. The challenging materials of the Future Problem Solving Program are designed to help students learn how to think (not what to think).

The Future Problem Solving Program allows great scope for creative and futuristic thinking and encourages students not only to analyse and synthesise the information they have before them, but to express their ideas in a cohesive, fluent manner.

At Corpus Christi the Future Problem Solving Program is offered to students in Stage 3 who are recognised as being thinkers, problem solvers and of high ability. Our aim is to broaden the curriculum for these children and to further enhance their learning experiences and opportunities. The Future Problem Solving Program requires a commitment to both in-school and out-of-school hours and is facilitated by teachers with an interest and/or expertise in the area of giftedness.

da Vinci decathlon
The da Vinci Decathlon is an academic interschool gala day which works like an Olympic Decathlon. However, the events are academic not sporting. Students are gathered together into a team and participate in a number of activities within the disciplines of: engineering, science, maths, art & poetry, English, strategy & detection, and general knowledge.

At Corpus Christi the da Vinci Decathlon is another way we support those children in Stage 3 with high ability in a particular field of their academic studies. They are prepared for the competition by participating in a number of practice sessions which are facilitated by a teacher trained in this field.