Aspect Vern Barnett School

Aspect Vern Barnett School is one of six schools under the auspice of Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect), the largest not for profit organisation that provides direct educational programs for children on the autism spectrum.

Aspect Vern Barnett School currently has 8 satellite classes across the North Shore including our class at Corpus Christi. The aim of the satellite program is to provide educational opportunities to children with an ASD whose learning is provided from within a more inclusive setting. Operating the program in such a setting enhances and maximises opportunities for students to be supported in smaller class settings with greater opportunities for increased integration for both academic and social growth.

The purpose of the program is one of transition and across the school’s satellite program working towards increasing students capacity to integrate with lesser degrees of support assists in gradually moving our students into less autism specific programs and in to more inclusive settings.

The Aspect Vern Barnett satellite class at Corpus Christi currently provides a Year 3 to 6 program to students who are enrolled through the Vern Barnett School but attend and receive their education at Corpus Christi as part of a collaborative arrangement. The class is staffed by experienced Teachers and Aides employed by Aspect but who are very much a part of the host school Corpus Christi.

Aspect Vern Barnett