Pastoral Care

Corpus Christi School affirms that we have a special responsibility for the pastoral care of students. We meet this responsibility as a Catholic School Community through initiatives such as:

Positive Behaviours for Learning (PBL) A well-established whole school program which explicitly teaches and reinforces positive behaviours in our school.

KidsMatter A Government initiative that was implemented in 2015 to ensure the continued mental health and wellbeing of our students.

Social and Emotional Learning A range of PDHPE and RE programs which focus on social and emotional learning (SEL).

Peer Support  Each year Peer Support Groups are formed to help establish friendship networks across all grades. The program incorporates PBL and KidsMatter.

Kindergarten Transition Program A range of initiatives occur each year to support pre-schoolers and their transition to school. These include:Pre-Kindergarten Pop-up Playgroups, Kindergarten Orientation Days, Kindergarten Parent Information night, Welcome Mass for Kindergarten children and their families, Year 6 and Kindergarten buddy program.