Pastoral Care and Wellbeing at Corpus Christi

Your child’s wellbeing at Corpus Christi is a responsibility we approach with intention and heart. Pastoral care means that we aim to nurture the emotional, social and spiritual aspects of each student’s academic education.  

Pastoral care at Corpus Christi encompasses:

  • Positive Behaviours for Learning (PBL) – a well-established whole school program which definitively teaches and reinforces positive behaviours in our school
  • URStrong – URSTRONG is all about empowering kids with friendship skills. The program utilises a proven, skills-based strategy that provides a host of kid-friendly concepts, skills and language to help build and maintain healthy friendships.
  • Social and Emotional Learning – a range of strategies and learning experiences which focus on social and emotional learning are included throughout the Key Learning Areas
  • Peer Support – each year Friendship Groups (Peer Support) are formed to help establish friendship networks across all grades. The program incorporates elements of our Positive Behaviour for Learning framework as well as social and emotional learning experiences tailored to the needs of our students.
  • Counsellor – our school counsellor is available onsite to provide support for students experiencing personal difficulties in or out of the classroom that affect their school life. Bookings can be made in consultation with the principal. 
  • Kindergarten Transition Program – a range of initiatives occur each year to support pre-schoolers and their transition to school. These include Leap Into Learning Programs; Kindergarten Orientation Days; Kindergarten Parent Information night; Welcome Mass for Kindergarten children and their families; and Year 6 and Kindergarten buddy program.
  • High School Transition Program (Years 5 & 6)  – Our high school readiness program commences the first day of Year 5 and runs right up until Year 6 graduation. The program’s objective is to facilitate a seamless transition for our students into high school with confidence and ease. Program initiatives include timetabling, specialist teachers, grouping students academically in targeted areas, home learning scheduling (similar to high school requirements), access to homework club and extra study sessions, lockers and continuing the ongoing development of independent inquiry-based learning.
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