From Ali & Cameron – parents 2020

“A wonderful aspect of Corpus Christi is that it is a very social school. Not only do all the children know each other, which often means that they play across grades, the parents know almost everybody too through the various fun events held throughout the year. We have made some life long friends because of the community feel that Corpus has to offer”. – Alison and Cameron

From David.M – parent 2020

Corpus Christi Primary School in St Ives is a great school.

My three children have all attended Corpus Christi from Kindergarten to Year 6, and each of them has received a wonderful, well rounded education that has prepared them perfectly for the transition into high school.

Corpus Christi has a wonderful team of teachers and support staff, all of whom encourage each child to perform to the best of their ability.

Corpus Christi has an active co-curricula program. Children are encouraged to participate in the soccer club, netball club, school band, school choir, inter-school debating and public speaking competitions, and in the end of year school musical. The school also offers private tuition in music and French.

One of the best aspects of Corpus Christi is the strong sense of community amongst the teachers, students and parents. The school has an active Parents and Friends Association (P&F), which organises social events throughout the year. Many of our friends are fellow parents who we met at Corpus Christi, and who will be friends for life.

As a small school, Corpus Christi provides a caring and nurturing environment for all students. The school has excellent classroom facilities and has plenty of open space and playgrounds for the kids to enjoy outside class.

Corpus Christi also has a before school and after school program (Link Road Kids), which is very supportive for working families.

In summary, Corpus Christi Primary School provides a quality, well rounded education for its students in a happy and nurturing learning environment.

I highly recommend Corpus Christi to all families considering it for their children.

David McKay

Corpus Christi Parent 2010-2020

President, Corpus Christi Parents and Friends Association

Letter from The Director of Pinjarra Pre-School at Pymble – November 2015

“Thank you so much for having me at your school last Thursday.  From the moment I walked in the gate I felt welcome.  It was easy to tell how proud the children were of the school and they delivered their tour with great knowledge, passion and respect for each other.

I was so impressed with the facilities and the sense of community.

Thank you for taking the time to introduce me to so many exciting experiences that are taking place at your school.”

Email from Past Family:

“What we loved most about Corpus Christi was the inclusive and welcoming environment.  Not only do all the students seem to be valued and respected by all their peers, but the staff at the school continually model this behaviour through their interactions with students, parents and other staff members.   A wonderful peer support program allowed kinder students to interact with older children who are wonderful role models for these students.  This was ever so evident when observing the children in the playground, when it seemed the whole school was happy to be playing with each other.

Whole school events such as athletics day build upon the already strong community and school spirit of students.  Special events celebrated by the school help to value the wider community and the importance they play in our children’s lives.  Assemblies were fantastic in that they were full of celebrations – from birthdays, personal achievements and celebrating those who following school rules and being a valued and contributing member of the school community.    We loved that the values of the school were constantly reviewed with the children, encouraging desired behaviours.

Our children have been supported by professional and caring teachers who not only supported their academic learning but their personal growth.   We also liked that the school offered a range of specialist programs. Our children enjoyed the topics covered in school and this was evident by the strong conversations we were able to have with them.  The homework set by the school was not excessive but consolidated knowledge and allowed us as parents to gain an insight of what was being covered at school.”

Natasha T