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Welcome to Corpus Christi St Ives.

Corpus Christi is committed to nurturing confident, well-rounded, innovative 21st Century learners. We are immensely proud of our dedicated and passionate teachers who work closely with our families to foster the individual needs of every student. At Corpus Christi, every child is nurtured and well-known to all staff, students, and families. It’s our close-knit, highly social and supportive community that makes us different.

We offer a dynamic learning environment equip with flexible furniture surrounded by extensive greenspace and playgrounds. Our Gifted and Talented program ‘ASPIRE’ encompasses all learning areas including STEM and The Arts. We utilise field experts to mentor our students and integrate enrichment programs into every classroom. Our small class sizes allow your child greater access to opportunities, leadership roles and a personalised, well-rounded education.

Before and After School care offered onsite.