Stage 3 C.A.R.E.S Excursion

Stage 3 went to C.A.R.E.S last Wednesday and we learnt about road and bike safety.

We learnt that when you are 12 years old you have to ride a bike on the road. We had lots of practice riding the bikes around some cones which was a  bit of a challenge.

After lunch we had a lot of practice around a mini road and pretended that we were actually on a real road. While we were on the mini road there were police watching. The police and teachers guided us as we were riding our bikes. There were speed bumps, traffic lights,stop signs, give way signs,children crossing signs and some dead ends.The police and teachers gave us a bike licence, which could be used to take points off our licences if we didn’t follow the bike rules. If we lost 6 points we got a time-out but thankfully this didn’t happen to any students. Losing 7 points meant we couldn’t ride a bike anymore.

The main rule we learnt is to wear a bike helmet because if you fall over and your helmet cracks your head is protected instead of it cracking!

We are very grateful to have this experience and thank you so much to the Stage 3 teachers, Senior Constable Cooper and Senior  Constable Gauldi for making it such a worthwhile day.

Saskia Year 6