Join our 2017 Project Compassion Fundraising Campaign

Project Compassion Campaign – ‘Chores for Caritas’

During Lent students we are learning about ‘almsgiving’ and sharing with others who are less fortunate.  Through the Caritas Project Compassion campaign we are learning about how we can support sustainable education and farming programs in different countries around the world. 

All students have the option of joining our ‘Chores for Caritas’ campaign.  The SRC and Liturgy Captains have provided students with booklets to take home in which they can nominate chores and sponsorship amounts.

Students can be of service to their family and community by carrying out small jobs and chores for sponsorship. All money raised will be donated to our school Project Compassion Campaign.

Students understand that by working and being of service to others there is potential to raise a significant amount of money for Caritas and Project Compassion and to make a real difference.

Donations can be processed in two ways

PROCESS DONATIONS ONLINE   via Project Compassion Corpus Christi Page and receive a tax invoice

Parents can process total student donations online by either creating a team member profile for their child or donating to the Corpus Christi team and adding student name to the donation comment – CLICK HERE

Alternatively parents can set up a sponsorship page for their child as part of the Corpus Christi team and sponsors can donate directly and receive a tax invoice. 

Collect cash donations and return to school

As we have done in the past all donations can be returned to school processed through the school office.  At the end of our Project Compassion campaign we forward the school based collection via cheque.

Students have until Wednesday 5th April to complete their tasks.  All booklets and donations are due either online or back to school no later than Friday 7th April (last day of school).

Any questions please contact Miss McDermott – Religious Education Co-ordinator

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