Internet Safe Education

On Monday November 6 the Corpus Christi students, teachers and parents will participate in various presentations delivered by Internet Safe Education. Internet safety is a rapidly growing concern for parents and you are invited to attend.

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The courses are developed and facilitated by former detective Brett Lee who worked as a Queensland Police Officer for 22 years, 16 of which as a detective in the field of Child Exploitation. The development courses are designed to educate students, teachers and parents about cyberbullying and internet safety.


The presentations clearly outlines that it is not about devices or programs, it is about applying their physical world mindsets and skills to their children’s online world. The audience will witness real life predatory behaviour clearly displaying offender methodology. This will create a passion within audience members knowing their involvement is not optional, it’s essential.

 Primary School students

Our Primary School presentations equip younger students with the skills and knowledge necessary to use the internet safely, creating an awareness of their rights and responsibilities in the digital world. This is achieved through dynamic and engaging presentations targeting empowerment, awareness and self-esteem.


The training that we provide for teachers and education professionals is unique; our message is powerful and thought provoking. Our Teacher Development programs not only assist the professional teacher in dealing with and protecting students in the digital world, they also address issues directly affecting you as a professional.