Catholic Mission week

October is Catholic Mission’s World Mission Month.  Pope Francis has declared this an extraordinary missionary month calling for reawakening of missionary vitality across the world.

At Corpus Christi we will be learning about the people and life challenges of many in the African country of Ghana. Each year our schools assist Catholic Mission to sock it to poverty. In years gone past we have worn crazy socks and raised money for this important cause.

This year we would like our children to either wear crazy socks with their sport uniform or their favourite soccer kit on Wednesday 16th October. We will have a sock it to poverty penalty shoot out with each class rostered to do this on our soccer field that day with $1 being sponsored per attempted goal. Each child will have 5 attempts at a goal.

The first goal will be attempted using a soccer ball that is made by the class with paper and string as they would do  in Ghana. The other four attempted goals will be with a leather soccer ball. There will be an online fundraising page for this set up next week and we would appreciate you sponsoring your child $5 for this event to raise much needed funds for Catholic Mission.

It would be great to have at least one parent per class to offer to be goalie for their class team to support us on this day (more details to follow).

A timetable for each class to play will be planned and we hope a lot of fun will be had to help sock it to poverty!